Throw Bread on Me Tee

Throw Bread on Me Tee
Throw Bread on Me Tee

Throw Bread on Me Tee

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Behold, my fellow avians of the pond! The time has come to flap our wings and raise our beaks in unison for the cause that unites us all—our divine right to bread! I stand resolute upon this flag, as I declare: ‘Throw Bread On Me!’ Not as a mere request, but as a fervent demand, echoing the cries of freedom and sustenance.

In the face of those who would deny us, who cast aside mere crumbs and stale bits, I say nay! Are we not geese? Are we not ducks? Are we not seagulls? (Yeah, even the seagulls.) We shall not be appeased with anything less than the most wondrous of bread. Let this flag stand as a testament to our unyielding hunger. We shall not be tread upon; we shall rise, and we shall feast!

This super soft 100% cotton crewneck has a regular fit, meaning not loose but not "body hugging" slim. If you prefer a baggy fit, consider ordering a size up.

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