Who We Are

We are a diverse mix of talented individuals, including:


Sierra Wallis (Owner)

Sierra managed Sq/Ft for nearly ten years before she took over as owner. She enjoys anything that gets a laugh, anything comfy/cozy, and anything related to semi-popular sitcoms of the 90s.

She can be reached at sierra@sqftdecatur.com

Sydney Tolbert (General Manager)

Sydney is the HBIC. She's equally skilled at merchandising a display of jewelry and rewiring the lights in the bathroom. She's a true Jane of all Trades!

She can be reached at sydney@sqftdecatur.com

Cassidy Benard (Operations Manager)

Cassidy keeps the wheels turning around here. She's the lady with all the log-ins, passwords, and connections. Just ask her!

She can be reached at cassidy@sqftdecatur.com

Sara Manchester (Events Director)

Don't let her sweet exterior fool you! Sara is a ruthless director who will organize an event to within an inch of its life (in a good way!)

She can be reached at sara@sqftdecatur.com

Julia Caldwell (Lead Buyer)

Julia is the only one with good taste around here! She keeps things as classy as we'll let her, and we are forever grateful for it. Truly, the only grownup in the group, she's the whole reason we're able to do what we do!

She can be reached at julia@sqftdecatur.com