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Game Rover
Game Rover

Game Rover

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Game Rover is the first game designed to play with your best friend (the one who was looking at you longingly on family game night). In this fast-paced game, players draw a card, set a timer, and have 60 seconds to keep drawing cards and trying to get their dog to do as many trick as they can before time runs out. Rules are written in both people and dog's native language (woof woof..woof). Play with multiple humans or dogs, you choose! Get your family together and find out who can get the dog(s) to do more tricks, or invite friends and their dog to play against them!

Game Rover not only provides endless fun for you and your dog, but also offers a sneaky opportunity to train practice tricks with them. Find out who your dog loves the most once and for all, or compete with other players and their dogs, to see who wins the coveted "Top Dog" status.

Includes 75 Prompt Cards, 1 Sand Timer

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